Tim Stegmaier  b.1966 U.S.A.

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I obtained a B.F.A. in Fine Art Photography from Ohio University in 1988.  I am a world traveler and have been creating art for over thirty years.  I have worked in many mediums, as true creativity naturally manifests itself in different forms.  The last fifteen years I have focused primarily on photography, dance, and writing.  I have self-published ten books of photography and have had photographs exhibited in the Cincinnati Art Museum, Transylvania University, and in numerous group shows.  I have also had solo exhibitions of my paintings and sculptures in Chicago.  My work has been exhibited in the United States and internationally.  While living in Chicago, I was also a featured poet and performance artist at many poetry venues.  From 2001-2005 I was a principle dancer in a West African Drum and Dance Troupe as we performed for audiences in the U.S. and Europe.  I currently teach international dance five days a week with my wife Kim as an ongoing community act of World Peace.  I have been a vegetarian for thirty years, a vegan for twenty years, and a raw vegan for the last ten years.  I am experimenting with life extension and quality of life in the medium of the human form.  I co-own a raw food company called Love Force, which manufactures and distributes raw organic food products to health food stores all over the United States.  I am a yogi and a renaissance artist for life!   






Tim Stegmaier 2012 

"To brand an artist’s creativity is like trying to burn a logo on the end of a wild tiger's nose." - Tim Stegmaier